Fujifilm Recipe: Solstice

Welcome to the extraordinary world of the “Solstice” recipe, where the magic of daylight comes to life! Immerse yourself in a mesmerizing experience that combines vibrant, saturated colours with delightful warm tones. This simulation has been crafted to create images that exude an inviting aesthetic, captivating viewers from the very first glance. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying the comforts of shade, “Solstice” never fails to deliver stunning results. Embrace its versatile nature as a daily go-to simulation, bringing a touch of radiance to your everyday adventures. Experience the beauty of the “Solstice” simulation and let its charm brighten your day!

Film Simulation: Astia
Grain Effect: *Off
Color Chrome Effect: Strong
Color Chrome FX Blue: Strong
White Balance: Daylight, R +3 B -2
Dynamic Range: DR200
Highlight: -1
Shadow: +1
Color: +2
Sharpness: -1
Noice Reduction: -3
Clarity: 0
ISO: Auto, 320 to 3200
Exposure Compensation: Normal

*In my personal experience, I prefer to turn off the grain effect. This allows me to capture a clean image and then add the desired grain during post-processing. By doing so, I have greater flexibility and control over the level of grain in the final result.

Sample Images

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